Diabetic Eye Exam

A new patient eye exam with any of our physicians will take longer than an exam to get glasses or a typical eye exam that you may get yearly.

When you first arrive we will ask that our paperwork be filled out completely. Anything that we ask you to complete is necessary for us to do our jobs in giving you the best care we can provide.

Our technicians then will take you into a room and get a detailed history, going over your paperwork, ensuring that we have correct information. Having correct medical information, including history and medications is vital. This is the only way we can know that any treatment you may need here will not conflict with anything you are already taking or having done. Your vision will be checked as will your eye pressure. With our retina physician you will almost always be dilated. That is the only way he can see the back of the eye where the retina is. Dilation takes a while so you will be asked to sit in the waiting area again while your eyes become dilated.

Most patients who come in for a retinal examination, especially individuals with diabetes and macular degeneration, will need additional testing. Also if treatment is needed we try to do that the same day also. This combination does make for a longer wait time than most of your regular visits at other physicians offices. Many of our appointments take up to two hours total when testing and treatment are involved in the same appointment. We do this to make our visits more convenient and having our patients travel less by doing everything the same day. Dilation usually takes several hours to wear off so we also recommend someone be with you to drive you home safely.